Velvet Flutter Vegan Lashes

CLOUDED - Rich Black

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Inspired by the transformation of nature. Custom designed with all eye shapes in mind. Vegan faux lashes for ethereal days and sultry nights. Can be worn every day, as many times as you like. 

Pair with our luxury eye shadow duos - SMOKE REFLECT™


• Ultra-dark vegan synthetic fibers mimic the natural wispiness, taper and velvet lustre of mink hair.

Hand-tied with precision. 

• Two meticulously designed styles in each set allow your look to seamlessly transform with your mood. 

Flexible cotton band allows  for effortless application and comfortable wear.

Made in China


• Over-use encouraged, no special occasion necessary. Wear as often as you want, as many times as you like.

• Open the compact to reveal the upper tier, showcasing our half lash: the perfect subtle addition to any look. On the lower tier, you’ll find the same style - only thicker and longer - in a full lash for added drama. 

• Gently remove the lash from the tray, apply your favourite glue, allow to get tacky for 15-30 seconds, and apply. 

• Wear either style separately or stacked.



    The Everyday "Fits Any Look" Lash Set



    The Understated "Effortlessly Polished" Lash Set



    The Dramatic "Look At Me" Lash Set