RIPE - A sheer, juicy muted cherry

luxury lip treatment that delivers intense moisture night or day. The formula is enhanced with rich ceramides and French lupin seed, which helps to stimulate synthesis of collagen, working to improve skin’s elasticity and firmness. 


HAZE - A sheer, luscious muted plum

Skin Type: All lip types! 

Skincare Concerns: Dry lips, Texture, Dullness

Shade: Deep-plum color in the jar, subtly sheer on the lips

Flavour: Soft vanilla


There’s an old saying “GOLD IS WHERE YOU FIND IT,” which means that value is determined by each person individually. To us, gold is found when we lift each other up and work together. We believe in accepting, encouraging and promoting all different versions of beauty. That’s how we grow (and thrive) artistically and creatively. The official definition of AURIC is: derived from gold. But based on our beliefs, AURIC really means GOLDEN TOGETHER.